Night Guards

A dental night guard is a device that is normally considered to be the first-line treatment for teeth grinding (bruxism). Often known as an occlusal splint, the dental night guard might cover just one row of teeth or both rows, depending on one’s requirements. 

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Teeth are covered in a layer of dentin, which protects the nerve endings and blood vessels underneath. Dentin is in turn covered by a harder substance called enamel. The effects of stress, a sleep disorder, or one’s irregular bite can sometimes cause the muscles in the jaw tense and tighten during sleep. This clenches the teeth together, sometimes resulting in a grinding motion that grates the upper and lower rows against each other. Persistent, untreated bruxism can result in deterioration of the enamel all the way through the dentin, compromising the integrity of your teeth and often resulting in discomfort and pain. 

A dental night guard will reduce your teeth grinding problem by relaxing your jaw muscles and allowing them to align properly. It will not only protect your teeth again surface damage gum problems and loose teeth, it will also help strengthen your teeth.